Memorial Wreaths and Uncovering the Past

Many people know at least a little bit about the current historical climate in the United States. However, that doesn’t mean the depth of their knowledge is great; furthermore, plenty of individuals do not know much about history of the past. A number of ways exist in which one can explore this important territory, and one of those routes involves the use of memorial christmas wreaths. When the end of the year arrives, people often purchase items from the Worcester Wreath Company to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers.

Opting to engage in this activity first helps people to build bridges to the past. Various individuals do not put a great deal of stock in the past because they believe that they do not have a great connection to it. When they shop at, they can begin to feel a sense of duty and obligation to those individuals who sacrified their lives. In the process, they can begin to understand the history of the Worcester Wreath Company, which sheds even more light on the country. The gaining of this knowledge can inspire people to procure more information about the country in which they live.


As people learn about the Founders of Wreaths Across America, they can take an active role in the project. Bringing wreaths to the final resting places of soldiers allows them to connect with the shared human experience. Also, they can see the wars that were fought and the immense number of people who lost their lives. They can also pay respect to those soldiers who returned from war but who eventually returned to this shared resting space of their brothers and sisters. This experience plays an emotional role in motivating an interest in history. As they are the spaces, they can learn about the history of the area and the wars in which the soldiers fought.

After taking part in this project, people may return home to further pursue their knowledge. For example, they may want to take a course on a particular war that they learned about, or they may wish to go to the local library to find out information about a specific soldier or group of soldiers. Whether they want to take this inquiry to a higher level and pursue a college degree in the subject matter or they want to acquire more information about history as a hobby, they have opened an important door to better appreciating the past.


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